Nervous of Dentists

Nervous of Dentists
Each year, millions of people avoid necessary dental care due to dental fear. The fear may be caused by past dental experiences such as painful drilling or injections. For some, their fear is rooted in not liking how their dentist treated them or unpleasant experience in the dental practice. Others may have high oral sensitivity or a gag reflex. Patient’s may also be embarrassed of their teeth which make them anxious about going for a check-up or treatment.  In doing so, they sacrifice their dental health and minor problems rapidly become major ones. We never want anyone to neglect their dental health due to dental anxiety. Our dentist has had years of experience with patients suffering from dental phobia. Her caring and sympathetic nature has helped many patients overcome their fear and be able to get the proper treatment they need. Some ways we believe we can help with your anxiety are:
  • We take time to listen to your personal needs and desires.
  • Never judging you or your teeth!
  • We spent a long time making sure when a patient comes to us, they have the calmest, most gentle, and most importantly pain free experience possible
  • At any time, you say or indicate you are uncomfortable we STOP.
  • Distraction techniques are available such are watching your favourite show on Netflix.
  • We have digital pain-free injection system, and our experienced dentists has the skills to give gentle and complete anaesthesia.
You have the option to get sedation through medication or happy gas (Nitrous oxide)

Laughing Gas

Here at Najmi Dental we offer laughing gas, which will ease your nerves. What is Laughing Gas? Laughing gas is a sedative gas containing a mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen to allow the patient to cope better with dental treatment and to relieve stress and anxiety. Your dentist will administer laughing gas through a small nose piece, which will take around 5 minutes to take effect. You remain conscious at all times but will be largely unaware of your treatment. There are no unpleasant side effects, and you will be able to drive home after. Laughing gas is also used commonly in children!

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