Full and Partial Dentures

Sometimes despite your best efforts, age, disease or injury can contribute to tooth loss. Without a complete smile you could experience limitations such as; dietary restrictions and embarrassment about appearance. Today’s dentures are comfortable and natural looking, so don’t let missing teeth hold you back. Whether you have a full set of missing teeth or just a couple of missing teeth, we will have a solution for you. A denture consists of prosthetic teeth attached to a gum coloured base, made from quality materials and designed for optimal fit. You may experience an adjustment period with your first set of dentures but, after a short period of time you will feel as good as new. If you are planning on getting either a partial or full denture, please plan to attend routine appointments so we can keep your denture in good shape. It is very important to keep your gums in healthy conditions, especially if you have a full or partial denture so please ensure you are not keeping your denture in overnight. Not only can this cause gum irritation, it can also be a choking hazard for small partial dentures. Depending on the denture and your dental condition, we can also repair and adjust your current dentures.

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