Emergency dental treatment

We recognize that dental emergencies do arise. At Najmi Dental we will do our very best to respond to your emergency promptly and find you a slot in our day to get you out of pain so give us a call. If a problem arises when our office is closed please try our after hours number, leave a message on social media or send us an email. We will respond as soon as we can.


A toothache can be a sign of an underlying problem with one or more teeth. If left untreated it may worsen over time and become infected. Infections can spread to other surrounding tissues which can be very dangerous for your health. So don’t delay it and book an appointment to see us before it gets worse!

Broken tooth

A broken tooth should be treated immediately. Getting the right treatment done can save your teeth as well as relieve from toothache or prevent infections. A broken tooth is also much more prone to fracture so by delaying treatment you may reduce chances of saving it or also if needing to be taken out it can become more difficult with time.

Knocked out tooth

Accidents and sporting injuries can occur. If you have had a tooth knocked out, place it in a container of milk or bring it in immediately to our emergency dental team. If it is within 1 hour, there is a possibility that we can still save the tooth. DO NOT wash the broken tooth under water. Book an appointment straight away with us, our dentist will assess whether it can be replaced back into the socket. If not possible, we will go through other options to replace the tooth as well.

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