A crown is a tooth-shaped covering that covers the entire tooth surface in order to restore its original shape and size or to improve the appearance. The difference between a crown and a filling is that fillings only restore part of a tooth whereas crowns restore the entirety of the tooth and are made from a much stronger material. Crowns can be made from different materials however porcelain is the most popular choice as it mimics an extremely natural looking tooth.   Reasons you may need a Crown:
  • To fix broken, fractured or decayed teeth.
  • To repair fractured fillings
  • For cosmetic enhancement
  • For large fillings
  • For root canal treated teeth
The general procedure for Crown treatment is an initial 60 minute appointment where our gentle dentist will prepare the tooth’s surface, take some impressions of your teeth and finally place a temporary crown on the tooth to protect the tooth whilst your permanent crown is being made.   Crowns usually take around two weeks to be made. At your crown insert appointment two weeks later your temporary crown is taken off and your permanent crown is cemented.

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